Women’s Golf Polo Shirts That Protect You From the Sun!

If you love to be out on the golf course for hours on end, but your skin just can’t seem to handle the blazing sun, you are in luck because there is now the addition of the women’s golf polo philadelphia phillies shirt to golf wear. These amazing shirts include sun protection to block out the harmful UVA rays of the sun, allowing yourself to stay out on the course for the full 18 holes giving the game you knew you had in you! You can be fashionable while still protecting your skin with this remarkable design.

Bette & Court make a fashionable statement with their sun-proof design. Made with the technological fabric called IceFil, it has this amazing ability to cool your body temperature by at least 5 degrees. Unbelievable! You will have the opportunity to play to your hearts content out on the golf course without the risk of your body overheating when you wear one of these shirts. The polo philadelphia phillies shirt collar takes another fashion step forward by omitting the typical button up style rather choosing a zipper instead. The quick-dry fabric helps with sweating issues out on the course and the philadelphia phillies shirt comes equipped with SPF 50. It is light and durable and comes reasonably priced at $66 in fun colors such as mango, aqua and light pink.

Cutter and Buck also design a sun protection philadelphia phillies shirt with a fashionable twist. The short sleeved version of this philadelphia phillies shirt is equipped with evaporative cooling as well as SPF 50. The unique fabric is odor resistant to help on those hot, sweaty days. The fun design omits a zipper or buttons on the front, rather a unique mandarin-styled collar with a stylish and fashionable v-neck instead. This philadelphia phillies shirt comes in a color block pattern of white with navy blue and yellow accents. It would be perfect paired with a pair of coordinating plaid shorts or a stylish navy blue skort. You will find this philadelphia phillies shirt retailing for around $69 but may find during the off season, because it is short sleeved, you can get this for a detailed sale price. Women’s golf polo shirts that protect you from the sun are not only smart to wear, but stylish too!

write by Tracey Napotnik

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