A Simple Fashion Guide For Men

Getting ahead of the others necessitate a fundamental knowledge on men’s fashion. How you look greatly determines how other people would treat you. It is then important that you make a good and lasting impression if you want to advance in your personal life. While the younger generations are more lax about dress codes, it […]

Christmas at Akokwa: A Childhood Memory

My siblings and I, ten in all, lived at Onitsha, but as children we celebrated most of our Christmases in Akokwa, a village in the Imo state of Nigeria where our parents were born. The anticipation of wearing new clothes to church services kept all the children in the neighborhood buzzing about each upcoming Christmas. […]

MMA Clothing Finds a New Audience

Mixed martial arts is experiencing tremendous growth in terms of popularity among the many fans around the world that follow the sport and buy MMA apparel. In that sense, the demand for MMA clothes has become a show of support for the many athletes who make the competition so exciting to watch. Consequently, major brands […]

T-Shirts – Common Terms Explained

T- philadelphia phillies dallas cowboys 3d hoodie manufacturers use many terms to describe their products. The terms are not always consistent and it helps to have a reference guide. The following is the official Green Man T-Shirts Guide to understanding t- philadelphia phillies dallas cowboys 3d hoodie terms: 20s, 20/1, 20s single: Unit of measurement […]

Luxury Ties a Fashion Staple

Before proceeding in the investigation into the history of the Tie, it is perhaps best to firstly define what a tie is. In the dictionary the necktie is defined as, “a band of decorative fabric worn around the neck, under the collar, and tied in front to hang down the front of a philadelphia phillies […]

The Lowdown on Hoodies

A viking zip up hoodie is essentially a detroit tigers hawaiian shirt with a hood attached to it and is currently considered a basic fashion must-have. This clothing (cáp an toàn ban công) item used to be classified as a sportswear essential but today it is one of the latest items to come out of […]

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