Leveraging the Warm Weather to Find Your Dream Job

Face it, we all get a little complacent during the summer months and often times, those of us searching for a job let the warm weather and list of “other things to do” affect our job search. The truth is that summer is a wonderful opportunity to network and discover job leads.

Scenario: let’s say that your significant other has a company picnic. Do you go or do you stay home? Answer: YOU GO! Make sure to dress a notch up from “picnic wear”, meaning leave the tie-dyed t- los angeles clippers t shirt at home and go for knee length khaki shorts, a collared polo los angeles clippers t shirt (men) or cardigan set (women) and tennis st louis cardinals hoodie (no sandals unless you had a pedicure within three days and cover up any and all tattoos). Remember that any moment could be an impromptu job interview and you need to look “summer causal professional.”

Ask your significant other to introduce you to their co-workers and most importantly their guests. As you meet people open dialog with “What do you do when you are not picnicking?” and let the conversation flow from there. If your new acquaintance seems like they are connected or might have friends in high places, let them know that you are searching for employment and highlight some of your core job strengths. If you have a job search business card (you should) start handing them out!

They might know someone who knows someone who knows someone who is hiring.

This is true of any summer venue. The farmer’s market, the county fair, charity events, outdoor festivals, church and community events…the list goes on. You never know when or where you might meet a person who has the connections your job search needs. Also organizations are ending their second quarter and entering their third, this is often when budget dollars have been set aside for new positions.

So grab that sun block, put a smile on your face and head out to find summer opportunities. You never know what might be in store for you and your career.

write by wilson

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